Track Orders

Track and process incoming orders for the assigned outlets

Manage Prescriptions

As a pharmacist, you can approve/disapprove prescriptions uploaded by patients.

Ask Pharmacist

Respond to the queries of the patients via Chat feature

Promote Products

Using Pharmacy Wall, you can post content that would be visible to all customers.

Empowering your pharmacist with an easy-to-use App

Your pharmacists can install the pharmacist app on their Android phones (or Android tablets) to manage orders, prescriptions, and customers. They can respond to incoming queries of customers and much more.

Pharmacy Wall is a social feature using which pharmacist can promote products, share articles and much more with all the customers.

Order Flow for Prescription Orders - Pharmacist Point of View

Prescription orders are the heart & soul of the pharmacy business. platform empowers pharmacies with tools to take prescription orders online, process them with the help of a pharmacist and offer home delivery. Below is the flow from the pharmacist's point of view