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Welcome to DigitalPharmacy.io! By accessing or utilizing our platform, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions. Please carefully review these terms before using DigitalPharmacy.io.


Zibew E-Commerce PTE LTD (henceforth "DigitalPharmacy.io" or "we") owns and operates DigitalPharmacy.io, which is committed to the operation and development of an online pharmacy platform. The following provisions define the relationship between DigitalPharmacy.io and its users, who are pharmacy proprietors and pharmacy service providers (henceforth "you" or "Users").

DigitalPharmacy.io Services

DigitalPharmacy.io provides a comprehensive online pharmacy platform that integrates a multitude of features and services with the intention of augmenting the digital pharmacy encounter. This comprises the mobile and web applications that are linked together and are referred to as the "Digital Pharmacy Services."



"Users" refer to individuals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals who utilize DigitalPharmacy.io services.


To access specific features of the Services, Users may be required to register for an account.

Authorized Users


Below you will find out what DIGITALPHARMACY.IO uses personal data for and how and by whom personal data is used. You get an insight into which selected service providers we work with and which data we pass on to them. To optimize our services, we use various analysis tools from various providers, about which we would also like to inform you at this point.

Access Credentials

Under each point, you will find information on how you can object to the processing of your data or how you can prevent your personal data from being collected. In some cases, DIGITALPHARAMACY.IO has no influence on which data is processed by third-party providers. Here you have to take action yourself or contact the respective provider. We have compiled the necessary information and addresses for you in the respective chapter section.

Registration and Setup

  • You are a licensed pharmacy professional or an authorized representative of a licensed pharmacy organization.
  • You will use DigitalPharmacy.io Services for the sole purpose of providing pharmacy services to authorized Customer Users.
  • You take complete responsibility for assigning authorized Team User accounts only to qualified pharmacy professionals and support staff.
  • The information provided during the registration process is accurate, current, and complete.

User Responsibilities

Users are responsible for:
  • to ensure that all Authorised Users are cognizant of and comply with these Terms of Service.
  • YDelivering essential training to Authorised Users in order to ensure their proper utilisation of the application.
  • You take complete responsibility for assigning authorized Team User accounts only to qualified pharmacy professionals and support staff.
  • Adherence to all relevant legislation and regulatory frameworks.

Customer Data

Information and content submitted by Authorised Users to DigitalPharmacy.io may consist of usage data, communications, and pharmacy-related information (collectively referred to as "Customer Data"). The User is the sole owner of Customer Data and is authorised to provide instructions regarding its utilisation.

Access to Customer Data

Customer Users understand that pharmacy professionals on the DigitalPharmacy.io platform have access to view and manage their pharmacy-related data. As a pharmacy professional, you authorize customer access to view and update their own data, except for specific areas not made visible.

Authorized User Terms

Customer Users and Team Users of a User’s account cannot directly register as users with the DigitalPharmacy.io platform but are created as authorized users of a User’s account. The User is directly registered with the DigitalPharmacy.io platform and is bound by the Terms of Use, including these Authorized Terms of Use.

Registration and Access:

Customer Users and Team Users cannot directly register as users with DigitalPharmacy.io but are created as authorized users of a User’s account. The User, who is directly registered with DigitalPharmacy.io, is bound by the Terms of Use, including these Authorized Terms of Use.

Responsibilities of Authorized Users:
  • The User is responsible for ensuring that all Authorized Users in their account are aware of and bound by these Authorized Terms of Use.
  • Authorized Users are aware that the User owning the account can remove and/or restrict their access to the system.
  • The User has complete control over the settings and configuration of the account and bears responsibility for how it is used.
  • Users will inform Authorized Users of all relevant User terms and practices and any settings impacting the processing of Customer Data.
Engagement Governance:
  • All engagement between Team Users and Customer Users is governed by the terms specified in the account.
  • The User is responsible for ensuring that the processing of customer Data is done as per necessary regulations and laws.
Access Control and Information Privileges:
  • The User is solely responsible for deciding which Team User accounts can be added to their account based on eligibility criteria defined by the User.
  • All Authorized Users must be of legal age and possess the necessary qualifications for their roles.
Access Denial and Revocation:

DigitalPharmacy.io reserves the right to deny or revoke access to a registered account or any part of its platform if there is a perceived violation of any terms of use.

Limitation of DigitalPharmacy.io's Liability:

DigitalPharmacy.io does not provide pharmacy services for Customer Users and is not liable for services provided by Users through their account.

Acceptable Usage Policy

This Acceptable Usage Policy outlines acceptable and unacceptable conduct for users of Zibew’s DigitalPharmacy.io Platform Services.

Access Credentials:
  • Your username and password are unique to you, and you agree not to disclose or share them with any third party.
  • You are responsible for keeping your password confidential and notifying us immediately if it has been compromised.
Responsibility for Account Activities:
  • You are solely responsible for activities conducted on or through DigitalPharmacy.io with your account, regardless of whether you are the individual who undertakes such activities.
  • You release and hold harmless DigitalPharmacy.io from any claims arising from unauthorized use of your account.
Use of DigitalPharmacy.io Platform Services:
  • Your use and access to the DigitalPharmacy.io platform, its apps, and services are at your own risk and compliance with local laws.
  • Zibew does not claim full compliance for use in all countries and territories.
Feedback and Features:
  • Feedback provided to DigitalPharmacy.io should not include any proprietary information.
  • DigitalPharmacy.io is not obligated to use or act on provided feedback but may do so with a royalty-free license.
Platform Changes:
  • DigitalPharmacy.io may change the form and nature of its services without prior notice.
  • Users acknowledge and agree to such changes in the best interests of users.
Prohibited Activities:
  • Users shall not attempt to circumvent security measures or gain unauthorized access.
  • Uploading data containing viruses or disruptive code is strictly prohibited.
User Responsibilities:
  • Users may not use any automated tools to access the platform without written permission.
  • Users are responsible for the information they post and agree to defend and indemnify DigitalPharmacy.io.
Competitor Restrictions:
  • Competitors shall not use DigitalPharmacy.io services to study and copy features and services.
  • DigitalPharmacy.io reserves the right to block users from certain IP addresses to protect platform integrity.
Export of Customer Data:

Users are solely responsible for exporting their Customer Data before the expiry or cancellation of their account.

Pharmacy Management

User responsibilities:

The User is responsible for all settings and configuration in their DigitalPharmacy.io account. Complete responsibility for managing Customer Data and ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Regulatory Compliance:
  • Users are responsible for compliance with pharmacy, healthcare, and data regulation rules applicable in their country of business.
  • You will not publish or distribute patient healthcare information without informed consent.
Dispute Resolution:
  • Disputes between the User and Customer Users will be dealt with by the User directly.
  • Zibew has no obligation or liability to monitor services within DigitalPharmacy.io accounts.
Content Liability:
  • Zibew takes no responsibility for healthcare information published by pharmacy professionals.
  • Pharmacy professionals are liable for ensuring the correctness and safety of published content.
Mobile App Store Responsibility:
  • Users are solely responsible for the setup, payment, maintenance, and security of their app store accounts for custom mobile apps.
  • Zibew bears no responsibility for app store policy changes.
Communication Notifications:
  • Users unconditionally agree to receive essential automated notifications relevant to system events.
  • Customer Users are to be made aware of essential system notifications related to pharmacy service events.

DigitalPharmacy.io Subscriptions & Payments

This section outlines the terms related to subscriptions and payments for the DigitalPharmacy.io Platform Services.

Subscription Plans:

Usage of a DigitalPharmacy.io account is based on a subscription to a relevant Subscription Plan, defining the scope and level of usage for the User and their Authorized Users.

Add-on services are available for purchase and use.

Free Trial:
  • A free trial is provided until the end of the trial period or termination at our discretion.
  • The trial period is for the verification of product features.
  • Failure to purchase a subscription within the trial expiry deactivates the DigitalPharmacy.io account.
Free Platform Services:

Certain services are currently free but may be subject to charges based on actual usage, at any point decided by Zibew.

Subscription Management:

Subscriptions and payments are managed online through the DigitalPharmacy.io Subscription interface.

Users can subscribe on a monthly or annual plan.

Automatic Renewal:
  • All subscriptions automatically renew, and the pricing is based on the subscription Plan
  • Failure to pay fees on time will result in account deactivation.
Plan and Pricing Changes:

Zibew reserves the right to change plans and pricing, with notification to existing subscribers.

Upgrading/downgrading is allowed; upgrading incurs incremental costs.

Billing Information:

Billing account information must be current and accurate. All charges for a billing cycle are non-refundable, irrespective of account status.

Deactivation and Account Deletion:
  • Deactivated accounts can be reactivated by making necessary subscription payments.
  • Deactivated or canceled accounts are maintained for 30 days before permanent deletion.
  • Customer Data can be exported or downloaded within this 30-day period.

Zibew’s fees do not include Taxes; Users are responsible for associated Taxes.

DigitalPharmacy.io Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all users of Zibew's DigitalPharmacy.io Platform Services.

Information Collection:

Zibew collects and manages user data in accordance with its Privacy Policy.


All users are bound by the Privacy Policy.

Custom App Updates & Maintenance:

Deployment of test and production updates to Google Play and Apple iTunes App Stores will occur periodically.

Certain updates may be mandatory for end users to ensure continued use.

App Store Access:

Ensuring continued access to User’s App Store accounts for updates is the responsibility of the User.

Terms and Privacy Policy:

The User is responsible for maintaining and updating Terms and Privacy Policy applicable to their mobile applications.

Marketing Content:

Maintenance and updates of marketing content are the User's responsibility. Responding to user reviews is also the User's responsibility.

Service Unavailability:

Zibew is not responsible for the unavailability or downtime of Apple iTunes and/or Google Play services.

Verification Process:

Zibew is not responsible for the App Store verification process duration and outcomes on these platforms.

DigitalPharmacy.io Infrastructure Maintenance & Monitoring

At DigitalPharmacy.io, we prioritize the seamless operation and security of your account. Our maintenance and monitoring services encompass the following:

Deployment of Updates:

Production web and server application updates are deployed after comprehensive planning and testing.

Major updates causing downtime are scheduled and notified 48 hours in advance.

Data Backup:
  • User Data is backed up in multiple physical locations with Highly Redundant storage.
  • UA well-maintained Disaster Recovery plan is in place for unexpected circumstances.
Monitoring Services:
  • Core components, application parameters, and logs are monitored.
  • Alerts are raised for errors beyond set thresholds.
  • The goal is to ensure high availability, with a rapid response to emergency situations.
Periods of Unavailability:
  • Emergency response time does not exceed two hours.
  • Scheduled maintenance downtimes, slowness, and certain performance issues do not qualify as periods of unavailability.
Third Party Services:
  • Zibew is not responsible for issues related to third-party services, external applications, network issues, or intentional malicious attacks.
  • Availability issues caused by third-party services' non-compliance or late payments are the User's responsibility.

DigitalPharmacy.io Third Party Services

To enhance functionality, DigitalPharmacy.io may integrate with third-party services. Here are the key considerations:

Custom Mobile Applications:
  • Zibew's responsibility is limited to the development, maintenance, and submission of custom mobile applications to app store accounts.
  • Users are solely responsible for app store accounts, including setup, payment, and security.
Third-Party Service Payments:
  • Zibew is not responsible for the policies, pricing, and payments of third-party services integrated with a User’s installation.
  • Users must make timely payments to such services; non-compliance may affect account functionality.
External Websites:
  • Links in DigitalPharmacy.io's services to external websites are provided for convenience only.
  • Zibew is not responsible for the content or accuracy of external sites.

DigitalPharmacy.io Updates

DigitalPharmacy.io may modify these Terms of Use. Here are the key details:

Notification of Changes:
  • Significant changes will be communicated through the website, applications, or email.
  • Users are encouraged to regularly check these Terms of Use for updates.
Acceptance of Changes:

Continued use of DigitalPharmacy.io Platform Services following any modifications indicates acceptance of the updated terms.


The Terms of Use applicable to a user may not be amended unless otherwise stated.

DigitalPharmacy.io Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Trademarks

At DigitalPharmacy.io, we uphold intellectual property rights. Here are the key considerations:


Zibew retains ownership of DigitalPharmacy.io platform services, applications, website, and associated intellectual property rights.


Zibew" and "DigitalPharmacy.io" are trademarks of Zibew. No rights are granted to copy, use, modify, or reproduce any part of the platform without express prior written authorization.

Prohibited Activities:
  • Unauthorized use or access for purposes other than intended is strictly prohibited.
  • Zibew reserves the right to block and terminate users violating terms and may take legal action.
DigitalPharmacy.io Limited Warranty

DigitalPharmacy.io strives to provide reliable services, but there are limitations to our warranty.

Implied Warranties:

Implied warranties on the Software and DigitalPharmacy.io services are disclaimed, including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and quality.

Disclaimer of Warranty:
  • The above warranty is exclusive and replaces all other warranties, whether express or implied.
  • DigitalPharmacy.io disclaims warranties related to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and noninfringement of intellectual property rights.
DigitalPharmacy.io Limitation of Liability

By using DigitalPharmacy.io, you agree to the following limitations of liability:

Exclusion of Damages:

DigitalPharmacy.io and its entities are not liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages. This includes damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, or other intangible losses.

Causes of Damages:
Damages may result from the use or inability to use the service, unauthorized access or alteration of transmissions or data, third-party conduct, changes made by DigitalPharmacy.io, failure to secure account details, and other matters related to the service.
General Limitations:

The limitations on DigitalPharmacy.io’s liability apply regardless of awareness of the possibility of such losses.

DigitalPharmacy.io Indemnification and Release

In using DigitalPharmacy.io, you agree to indemnify and release us from certain liabilities:

Defense and Indemnification:

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless DigitalPharmacy.io and its entities from claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs, or expenses arising from your use of the services.

Survival of Obligations:

This defense and indemnification obligation will survive the terms of service and termination of your account.

DigitalPharmacy.io Termination

Termination of your relationship with DigitalPharmacy.io is governed by the following terms:

Termination Conditions:

These Terms of Use are effective from your start of using DigitalPharmacy.io until terminated by you or DigitalPharmacy.io.

Termination conditions include the expiration of subscriptions, breach of Terms of Use, and modifications or discontinuation of services by DigitalPharmacy.io.

Notice of Termination:

At least thirty (30) days' notice will be provided for terminations not due to a violation of these Terms of Use.

Effects of Termination:
  • Upon termination, you and Authorized Users lose access to the DigitalPharmacy.io account and Platform Services.
  • Any prior obligations must be met, and termination does not relieve you of paying fees for the period preceding termination.
Refunds and Data:
  • No refund of subscription payments is provided for the period between termination and the expiry of the current subscription.
  • DigitalPharmacy.io may pursue actions to remedy breaches of these Terms of Use.
  • After termination, you may export Customer Data during the active term; however, there is no obligation to maintain or provide data after termination.

DigitalPharmacy.io Assignment

Assignment and Delegation:

Neither party may assign or delegate any rights or obligations under these terms without the prior written consent of the other party, except for assignments to corporate affiliates or in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets. The User will maintain current billing and contact information. Any assignment in violation is void. The non-assigning party may terminate the Contract upon written notice for a breach of this section.

Successors and Binding Agreement:

This Agreement is binding on successors, representatives, and permitted assigns of the parties.

DigitalPharmacy.io Jurisdiction and Governing Law Governing Law:

These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. Disputes arising shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Singapore. These terms and associated policies are admissible in all legal proceedings. Use of DigitalPharmacy.io services is not authorized in jurisdictions that do not give effect to all provisions of these terms.

DigitalPharmacy.io Release for Force Majeure Release for Uncontrollable Events:

Zibew and its entities are absolved from any claim of damages resulting from events beyond their control. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic or mechanical failures, communication problems, computer viruses, unauthorized access, natural disasters, strikes, wars, or governmental restrictions.

DigitalPharmacy.io General Provisions

Entire Agreement:

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties, superseding all prior written and oral agreements.

Assignment Restrictions:

Assignment or sub-licensing of rights and obligations requires prior written consent. Notices must be delivered in written format and acknowledged.


Zibew may subcontract responsibilities to a third party of equal standing and integrity, without your consent, provided material provisions are reflected in the agreement with the third party.

No Partnership or Agency:

No partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship is created. Neither party has authority to bind the other.

Invalidity Clause:

If any provision is held invalid or unenforceable, it does not affect the remainder of this Agreement, which continues in full force and effect.


Parties knowingly and expressly consent to the terms and conditions